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Supplying a wide range of standard fasteners, a dedicated range of special fasteners, pressings, fabricated parts and plastic components, all made to individual customer requirements.

A stock holding of over £500,000 means delivery throughout the UK and Ireland can be next day via our own transport or carrier. We also offer a direct support service where import items are required and our suppliers are all ISO approved to ISO: 9001: 2008.
Premier Fastener Systems
A specialist fixing supplier, dedicated to providing customers with a quality range of fixings for the fencing industry and anchoring products for the construction industry.
Our commitment to stock means that the product is available, competitively priced, for next day delivery throughout the UK.
Premier Fasteners Systems carry a wide range of fasteners, manufactured to the latest DIN Standards.
Gate Fittings
Premier Fastener Systems now carries an extensive range of gate fittings at very competitive prices, sizes ranging from M16 to M30.
Pressings & Fabrications
We have a proven record of importing a wide range of products to suit customers individual requirements. From the very small pressed parts, through to large fabrications and pressed items for the infrastructure industry.
Structural & Heavy Duty Fasteners
Supplying a full range of high strength fasteners for bridge, tunnel, highway, building, power water treatments and marine construction.
Solar fixings
Premier Fastener System import a range of fixings and fasteners designed for the expanding solar industry.
Ancillary products
As our supplier and manufacturing base grows, we find ourselves offering more diverse products. Some are made to current DIN standards, whilst others are totally to our customer’s individual specifications.
• Quality Management System to ISO: 9001: 2008.